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Name:Led By:
Administrative Staff Elder SeLisa Scott
Audio /Visual Media Ministry
Brotherhood Ministry
Culinary Ministry Deaconess Bessie Wheeler & Eldress Cynthia Louis
Dance Ministry Clara Johnson
Deacons Deacon Prince Cain
Doorkeepers Deaconess Clee Willamson & Clara Johnson
Drama Ministry
Food Distribution Deaconess Cheryl Berry & Minister Jeanine Rush
Hospitality Ministry Elder SeLisa Scott & Deaconess Ernestine McNair
Marriage Ministry Bishop & Dr. Louise Goings
Ministry of Helps
Music Ministry
Nursery Ministry Deaconess Cheryl Berry & Deaconess Annie Dudley
Prison Ministry Elder James McDuffie
Puppet Ministry Elder Beverly McDuffie
Rapha Women's Ministry First Lady Louise Goings
Singles Ministry Elder Nanalee Orgain
Trumpet of God Deaconess Cheryl Berry
Witness Team Ministry Minister Demetrius Rouse
Youth & Young Audlt Ministry Youth Pastor Jennifer & Demetrius Rouse