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Music Ministry
 Led By: Elder Rebekah Baker
 Contact Email: off136@aol.com

The Music Ministry of Outreach consists of several praise teams, choirs & musicians.  The Mass Choir is a combination of our adult and youth choirs that have joined together to uplift the mighty name of Jesus.  The Youth In Praise Choir consists of our teenagers from ages 13 to 18 who want to commit their lives to God and be used in the Ministry of Songs. The Children's Choir, known as Lil’ Warriors and Lil’Praisers is for our younger children age 12 and under who desire to be used of God in the ministry of song. 

The Adult Praise Team consists of those select group of singers who have been chosen to lead the congregation as praise and worship leaders.  Judah Sings is our youth/young adult praise team whose core focus is to lead the Body of Christ into the next level through traditional and contemporary gospel.  The Levites (musicians) include those who have different levels in their gifting, but, whose hearts are to minister before the Lord! 

This ministry administrative staff consists of Elder Rebekah Baker, Minister Starlian & Nikki Lee, Elder Rodney & La Nola Goings.  Our motto is "Singing Praises To God Be The Glory!"